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The core of the Odysseyware® online learning program is a robust course library of standards-aligned, dynamic and pedagogically sound curriculum. The curriculum is designed to empower students to build proficiency, achieve content mastery, and engage in rich and challenging real world applications.

The ability to differentiate the learning experience for each student is a foundational principle of the Odysseyware® instructional design. Teachers and administrators can easily customize course content and instructional sequence to align with state, district, or school scope and sequence design, fill gaps, expand learning opportunities, and address individual learning needs. 

Educators can give students the ability to earn credits for failed or incomplete courses without having to repeat the entire course, enabling students to complete the work at their own pace and focus on just the concepts they have not yet mastered.

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Browse the solutions and services available from Odysseyware through the ESCNJ co-op.

These are pre-approved and ready to buy for co-op members and affiliates:


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