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Isn't it time to finally face your cyber threats head on?

The quantity and magnitude of cyber attacks and data breaches is bad and getting worse. Through its partnership with Dellicker Strategies and other leading providers, the ESCNJ delivers a full suite of cyber security solutions and services to schools and municipalities. From expert evaluation of network vulnerabilities to security awareness training, to comprehensive oversight of risk management programming, ESCNJ provides options that deliver peace of mind.

Contact our pre-approved cyber security provider, Dellicker Strategies, for a free consultation.

Cyber Security: About Us


Browse the pre-approved service offerings designed to protect your information from dangerous cyber criminals. Initial consultations are free from Dellicker Strategies.

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Dellicker Strategies specializes in cyber security assessments for schools and municipalities. Evaluations can be technical or programmatic with a range of affordable options.

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ESCNJ offers KnowBe4 security awareness training at discounted prices through the Dellicker Strategies co-op agreement. KnowBe4 is a leader in the fight against social engineering scams.

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Once a plan is in place, the ESCNJ offers several options for effective implementaiton and continuous improvement. Members can choose from package deals or ala carte services from several providers.

Cyber Security: Products
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